Avianca Airline Executive Calls For Dignity For Disabled Travelers


Marisa Garcia

The aviation industry is working to improve inclusivity and enhance accessibility for all travelers. One airline executive speaking out on the topic is Michael Swiatek, Chief Strategy Officer of the Abra Group. It is the parent company of Colombia’s flag carrier Avianca and Brazilian carrier GOL Airlines.

Legally blind, Swiatek aims to improve travel for people with disabilities, by enhancing their travel experiences.

“Accessibility is becoming a much talked about topic in the industry,” Swiatek says. Airlines and airports are working to make air travel more accessible, but many hurdles remain.

Swiatek has maintained an active 30-year leadership career in aviation and traveled extensively. His personal experiences while navigating the air travel industry have made him a passionate and empathetic advocate for change. He works to ensure an air travel experience where every passenger flies with dignity and respect.

A Personal Mission For An Inclusive Future

Michael Swiatek, headshot photo.
Michael Swiatek, Chief Strategy Officer of Abra Group parent company of Avianca Airlines and GOL MICHAEL SWIATEK

Before taking his current role at Abra Group, Swiatek was Chief Strategy and Planning Officer at Avianca, working on the transformation of the airline’s alliances, network expansion, and corporate planning.

At Abra Group, Swiatek shapes the strategic direction Avianca and GOL airlines, ensuring profitability and competitiveness. Previously, Swiatek held senior roles at several global airlines, including IndiGo Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Air New Zealand. He began his aviation career at United Airlines.