Forward Studio brings a bespoke touch to our clients’ marketing and branding projects.

Forward Studio team office with two woman laughing
Forward Studio is a different kind of marketing company. We combine our depth of entrepreneurial experience and rigor with our collective passion for crafting indelible design experiences drive real performance for our clients.

Our philosophy

Everything communicates.

From the smallest design detail on a flight attendant’s uniform - to the global reach of an integrated media campaign, everything communicates.

Our philosophy has always been rooted in exploring and bringing to life all aspects of brand and design – from the granular to the grand. In doing so, our creative output seamlessly reconciles a holistic design spectrum with consistency, relevance, and harmony.

Our services

Regardless of the scope of your challenge, we can help find a solution.

Brand Development

Naming & Identity

Event Design


Public Relations

Digital Media

The team at Forward championed our business and brand. We worked more as partners, equally vested in the projects’ success.

Rob McKinney
CEO, Northern Pacific Airways


Peter Clark CEO of Forward Studio Portrait of Peter Clark smiling in the office space
Peter Clark
Partner / CEO
Edmond Huot Chief Creative Officer of Forward Studio Office smiling portrait in office
Edmond Huot
Partner / Chief Creative Officer
Alfredo Maldonado UX Designer At Forward Studio Office smiling Portrait at office
Alfredo Maldonado
UX Designer

We are a dynamic, multi-platform design studio focused on the pursuit of beauty, truth, and expression.

We are a tight-knit group of artists, problem-solvers, and technicians. We are driven in the pursuit of creative truth, business performance, and extraordinary human experiences.