We are an international airline branding and public relations agency focused on helping drive our clients’ profile, performance, and stakeholder ROI by reimagining the roles of design, engagement, and experience across all platforms.

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Jetlines logo on a orange aircraft inside a hangar

Canada Jetlines

Learn how we re-imagined Canada Jetlines' brand with a more modern and refreshed look and feel.

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Abstract Organic Form


Learn How a Legendary Travel Payments Company was Transformed into a 21st Century FinTech Brand.

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Bond Company Logo in the wood wall

BOND Group

Discover the transformation of an established hair salon into a bold, new beauty services brand.

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next Era 22 steath wingspan Of the boeing 757 aircraft Edmond Huot

Next Era 22

Learn how Forward Studio helped brand and launch a global airline.

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Tailwind seaplane Cessna 208 Amphibious Caravans aircraft Flying over Manhattan by Forward Studio


Learn how we are helping define and elevate a New York-based seaplane company brand.

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FlyCoin Concept pattern

FlyCoin Concept

Learn how we explored a new look and feel for a crypto-based currency and loyalty program.

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Maple angle view of the aircraft Boeing with maple's icon by Edmond Huot


Learn how we helped reimagine a distinctive brand expression for a new Canadian airline.

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Northern Pacific Airways Aircraft Livery design over the Alaska mountains curated by Edmond Huot

Northern Pacific Airways

Learn how we helped conceptualize, design, and launch a new global airline.

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Forward Media Logo in a yellow pattern by Edmond Huot

Forward Media

Learn how we rebranded our media division with a new name and overall look and feel.

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T2 seaplane over New York City Lower Manhattan Skyline by Edmond Huot

Tailwind Prototype

Learn how we helped a seaplane company envision its brand for the 21st century.

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FlyCoin Grey Credit card mockup design by Edmond Huot

FlyCoin Concept

Learn how we brought the concept of a crypto-based loyalty program to life.

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Forward Studio

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