Naming & Identity

Going beyond just coverage.

We pride ourselves on helping drive meaningful and timely coverage and client profile. It’s what builds long-term trust with our clients and media partners.


We lean in and rise to the task when it comes to challenging topic areas and timelines. Our team brings a relentless focus on searching for and selling through creative and bold story ideas, angles, and placements that matter for our clients as well as for the publications that report on them.


At the heart of any assignment – big or small – lies one key driving force: curiosity. Call it an instinct or an inherent drive for truth and knowledge; we are committed to drilling down deep to best cover and bring to light the issues and drivers that will help ensure our clients the best profile.


This is a business driven by human storytelling and reporting. Collaborating effectively with people is where it all starts and ends. Working together to support the many needs and requests of both our clients and the media outlets that serve us garners Forward Studio’s PR division both success and acclaim.

Badges of honor and beauty

A great name goes beyond just words alone by eliciting a feeling or sense of story. A striking identity helps to form an indelible bond.

Related work

Badges of honor and beauty

A great name goes beyond just words alone by eliciting a feeling or sense of story. A striking identity helps to form an indelible bond.

Recent work

Woodhull institute Yellow hardcover Cover for brand book design by Edmond Huot

Woodhull Institute

Learn how we modernized an iconic legacy institution with a bold new look and feel.

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Northern Pacific Airways Aircraft Livery design over the Alaska mountains curated by Edmond Huot

Northern Pacific Airways

Learn how we helped conceptualize, design, and launch a new global airline.

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FlyCoin Grey Credit card mockup design by Edmond Huot

FlyCoin Concept

Learn how we brought the concept of a crypto-based loyalty program to life.

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Mabel's labels school supplies for kids curated by Edmond Huot

Mabel's Labels

Learn how a small start-up label company went from best-kept secret to national brand.

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Providen street Billboard design with picture of medicine in a bottle design by Edmond Huot

Providen Pharmacy Logistics

Learn how we helped transform an automated pharmacy logistics company into a distinctive brand.

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image of Polar bear standing on rock by frontier North organized by Edmond Huot

Frontiers North Adventures

Learn how we helped transform the world of polar bear marketing into a bold, romantic brand.

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Paragon Pharmacy Magazine mockup by Edmond Huot

Paragon Pharmacy

Learn how we helped groom a small Canadian pharmacy chain for acquisition by Shoppers Drugmart.

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Pavilion Investment House white Logo on building design by Edmond Huot

Pavilion Investment House

Learn how we helped give a new wealth management company the perfect name and brand.

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Payworks Circle Icon Logo design by Edmond Huot


Learn how we helped one of the top payroll companies break through with a new brand identity.

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Momentum Iphone Website Mockup UI UX design by by Edmond Huot

Momentum Solar

Learn how we helped a small but scrappy solar company become a national player brand.

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T2 seaplane over New York City Lower Manhattan Skyline by Edmond Huot

Tailwind Prototype

Learn how we helped a seaplane company envision its brand for the 21st century.

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C&H Alumni red Invitation card design by Edmond Huot

C&H Alumni Invite

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Harper Collins logo Over New York City by Edmond Huot

Harper Collins

Learn how we helped elevate the world of large print for a legacy US publisher.

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Wynward Insurance Group book collections

Wynward Insurance Group

Learn how we reinvigorated a legacy insurance company with a new, distinctive name and brand.

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Tetren Capital Management Logo on glass door design by Edmond Huot

Tetrem Capital Management

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Forward Media Logo in a yellow pattern by Edmond Huot

Forward Media

Learn how we rebranded our media division with a new name and overall look and feel.

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Maple angle view of the aircraft Boeing with maple's icon by Edmond Huot


Learn how we helped reimagine a distinctive brand expression for a new Canadian airline.

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FlyCoin Concept pattern

FlyCoin Concept

Learn how we explored a new look and feel for a crypto-based currency and loyalty program.

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next Era 22 steath wingspan Of the boeing 757 aircraft Edmond Huot

Next Era 22

Learn how Forward Studio helped brand and launch a global airline.

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